‘Kavanah’ is a Hebrew word which means “direction,” “intention,” or “devotion,”

The rabbis thought that, “a prayer without kavanah is like a body without a soul.”

In contemporary Protestant culture, we tend to disdain rote prayer, preferring the intimacy of spontaneous prayer and feeling that a repeated prayer is empty and hollow. We wonder how a person could avoid just “going through the motions.” The answer is a concept that the rabbis developed known as Kavanah. and the idea behind praying with kavanah is that you set the direction of your thinking toward God, and toward praying the memorized prayer “with all your heart.”

A person who has kavanah focuses his entire being on prayer, and is not distracted by the chaos around him. He may have said the same prayer a thousand times, but his mind is sunk so deeply into the words that he is experiencing new insights and feelings from them today that he has never experienced before.

Kavanah can go beyond prayer as well – our lives should show it too. We should live each hour and day with devotion and intention, being aware of God’s presence all around us. When we do this, our lives will truly be the reflection of Christ, whose every desire is to please and honor God in every way.

Being inspired by this concept, we, a God fearing couple prayerfully decided to share the Gospel Truths to all the corners of the Earth via the Holy Spirit inspired blogs so that all who read maybe blessed and motivated to live a ‘kavanah’ life.

This website is an effort in that direction and we would need your prayers and encouragement to continue spreading the Gospel Truths.

Prateeksha & Nikunj